Emotional Intelligence for children 7-16yrs: (6 Saturdays- Oct. 6 – Nov 10, 2012

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Emotional Intelligence for children 7-16yrs: (6 Saturdays- Oct. 6 – Nov 10, 2012

Website: www.inspiredthots.org.ng 

National Business Leadership Forum: October 8th & 9th, 2012, @ the MUSON Center, Lagos

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E-Myth Worldwide USA Brings Its Leadership Intensive and Business Development Seminar to Nigeria

October 8th & 9th, 2012, @ the MUSON Center, Lagos


Event Description
Strong, inspiring leadership is essential for the success of any business. The E-Myth Leadership Intensive gives business leaders the guidance and tools to effectively lead their businesses to its next level of success.Event Description


Program Overview and Benefits

  • Learn why most businesses in Nigeria don’t work, why they can’t be sold and what to do about it.
  • Learn how to build a replicable business; and how great firms transit from one generation of leadership/ownership to another.
  • Learn what it really means to be the leader of your business and how to build a great company that does not depend on you to succeed and thrive.
  • Learn how to develop a compelling brand promise that will permeate the way you and your staff approach every facet of your business activities.
  • Learn about the eight universal Dysfunctional Business Themes (DBTs) and be able to assess your leadership and management to determine which theme may be present in your company. Understand where you are holding yourself and your business back.
  • Be exposed to E-Myth’s unique way of looking at your business as an integrated system as you explore the Seven Centers of Management Attention.
  • Learn why investors and banks run after franchise firms; and why McDonald’s is called the most successful small business with over 33,000 branches or outlets worldwide.


Who Should Attend

  • Business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Owners and managers of companies interested in local or regional expansion.
  • Owners and managers of family businesses interested in succession plans and transformation.
  • Trade and investment promoters including specialists from public agencies.
  • Academics especially those teaching entrepreneurship and business development.
  • Directors and managers of NGOs promoting or supporting social entrepreneurship.
  • Bankers and other financial services providers involved in business development and franchising Read more of this article »

East Africa Com 2010

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Get involved in East Africa Com 2010 

TalkWithFunmi.com Launches

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of TalkWithFunmi.com and doubly excited to be able to finally announce the air date for Talk with Funmi.

Our website at www.TalkWithFunmi.com is about more than just the TV show. Yes you’ll be able to get access to all the latest exclusive clips, sneak previews of the show and watch full episodes online but it’s about so much more.

TalkWithFunmi.com just like the show is about conversations. We’ll be posting new topics and clips all the time and asking you to talk about them. What do you think the pressing issues of the day are? How would you put our country on the right path?

TalkWithFunmi.com is also a community, a community of like minded travellers in life, and like all good communities it allows you to share with your friends. We’ve integrated our website with Facebook so you can bring all your details and friends with you, and notify your friends on Facebook when you’ve posted something interesting.

Check us out now and watch our exclusive 90 second trailer for the show.

Talk With Funmi Premiere
That’s right, we can now tell you when Talk With Funmi will be available for anyone to watch on television.

Talk With Funmi will premiere exclusively on DSTV’s Africa Magic channel at 7pm on February the 7th 2010. So cancel your appointments and prepare to watch an entirely new type of programme.

G-Nigeria Day 2010

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Google is very excited to meet with software developers, entrepreneurs and CS students in Nigeria. Thanks to the University of Lagos for hosting these specialized training days in Lagos.

In alignment with our core mission, “to organize all the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” we would like to provide training on localized tools to spur economic development for people in Nigeria.
Day 1: For Software Developers

February 18

Day 1 will focus on pushing the boundaries of web applications using Google developer technologies. Google engineers and web development leaders will lead you through one full day of in-depth sessions on the latest Google technologies and hands-on codelabs. The day will also be about bringing brilliant developers together to share their own ideas. There will be plenty of time to meet other developers, discuss ideas and share what you’ve been working on.

Day 2: For Marketing Professionals and Entrepreneurs

2010 International Conference on Islam in Nigeria since Independence

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Organiser: Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies,

University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

Proposed Date: 19-21 April, 2010

Even though  there is panoply of information on the history and the spread of the religion of Islam in Nigeria and even though the of the religion in the socio-economic and political development of Nigeria has been recognized and applauded and  knowledge and information about the roles and contributions of the Muslims to the weal and woe of Nigeria since independence, however, are hard to come by. The need is equally felt for an Inside- and Outside-In critical appraisal of the destiny, fortune and “futures” of Islam and Nigerian Muslims as the country begins its march to its centenary. How does it feel to be a Nigerian and a Muslim? What do these categories imply with reference to the idea of Nigeria and of what impacts have they been to the country since 1960? How do Muslims in post-independence Nigeria view the public sphere? To what extent is their idea of the sphere a reflection of Islam’s theologico-jurisprudential constructs or the Western conception of same? How and where might we begin to “locate” Muslims in Nigeria ‘s public sphere particularly since the country attained flag independence from the British in 1960 and of what value has been their participation in it? How might a study of Islam and the Muslim’s role in Nigeria ‘s public sphere since 1960 positively impact the larger Nigerian society? What are the fissures, contradictions and paradoxes that could be observed in-between Islam in the text and Islam in context in Nigeria ? How have Islamic practices in Nigeria reinforced the argument for the separation between or the union of the state and religion? What is the fact or fiction of the Muslims’ majority/minority status in Nigeria ‘s demographic, political, economic and intellectual/educational space and of what effect has that been on the Nigerian state since 1960? How might Nigerian Muslims evolve a more constructive nexus between Islamic theory and the existential realities of Nigeria ‘s public sphere?

How do trends within Islam in Nigeria in the contemporary period reflect the socio-cultural and econo-political global flows and how has the latter, in turn, become impacted by the former since independence?


The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies invites papers on any of the following sub-themes or on any other theme that may fall within the general concept of the conference:

  • History of Islam in Nigeria since 1960
  • Muslims in Nigeria ‘s Public Sphere since 1960
  • Islam and the Sokoto Caliphate since 1960
  • Islam, Muslims and the Nigerian Education sector since 1960
  • Qur’anic Education in Nigeria since 1960
  • Arabic Culture in Nigeria Since 1960 Read more of this article »

CCTV’s Digital Media fellowship for Cambridge Non-Profits and City Agencies 2010

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Media Fellowship

In order to build capacity in local non-profit organizations and City agencies, CCTV is offering a Media Fellowship designed to empower local non-profits and city departments to produce media by training members of their staff. CCTV will provide agency staff participants with the knowledge and skills required to produce effective media within the scope of their agencies. Along the way, we will help agencies build and implement media plans and foster fellowship between agency professionals working in media oriented roles.

You may download the application for 2010 from this link. Read more of this article »

Certificate Course in Gender and Development Training 2010

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February 8th – March 10th 2009
Deadline for applications: February 2nd, 2009
Fee: US$300.- due by February 5th, 2009

Download the application form (MS Word doc)
Download the application form (PDF)

Course Description

This course is designed to prompt an exploration of common behaviours and attitudes towards gender differences. It will present facts and figures about the situation of women and men in our society today – and references from key documents that highlight policies formulated to address gender concerns. Recent events have shown that if governments are serious about achieving the Millennium Development Goals, MDG’s, it is essential that gender be taken into account for all the goals. Gender equality in the MDGs touches almost exclusively on the area of education, and research does show the importance of equality in this area, but this is not sufficient. This e-learning course will empower the participants with tools and sector-specific guidelines for gender mainstreaming in their various institutions and development planning. It will further improve the abilities of participants to reduce gender inequalities in their various homes, organisation and communities.

The course also features a number of exercises and reflective activities designed to explore basic gender concepts and enhance gender analysis skills, which can be applied in the formulation of policies, the design of programmes, and the exercise of evaluation. Read more of this article »

Change A Life’s Annual January 1st 2010 Show

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It only takes one person to change a life! That’s what we believe at the Change-A-Life Foundation– intervening in the lives of people with vast potential yet great need when they require it the most! Tune in on January 1st 2010 to the NTA NETWORK AND LTV 8 between 9am -10am to watch Change – A – Life’s annual first of the year show hosted by Funmi Iyanda and supported by the Governor of Lagos State His Excellency Babatunde Raji Fashola.

Change A Life will showcase its various achievements and beneficiaries whose lives have been changed in meaningful ways. Come watch as we usher Nigeria into her fiftieth year and light a candle for hope. It only takes one person to Change-A-Life. It takes you! For more information on Change A Life and its activities please visit our website at www.changealifenigeria.org.

Change-A-Life offers scholarships to brilliant indigent students who are from a one parent or an orphan.
If you fit in, then come to 3 OKUNOLA AINA STREET MENDE MARYLAND BY 10AM ON THURSDAY 31ST DECEMBER 2009 with your school result, a passport photograph and a brief write up about yourself and your family.

For more information: Call Tosin on 07028774624 or email tosin @ changealifenigeria.org

13th African Securities Exchange Association (ASEA) Conference 2009

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2nd -4th December 2009

Welcome Message

Distinguished delegates from the 20 ASEA Member Exchanges, notable capital market operators, ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to welcome you to the 13th African Securities Exchange Association (ASEA) Conference, hosted in Abuja, Nigeria. We sincerely hope to make your stay through the duration of the conference, a memorable and exciting one.

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